5 Writing Tips When Writing An Offer Letter

Dated: 06/27/2017

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5 Writing Tips When Writing an Offer Letter

In some hot housing markets, including a letter with your formal offer to buy a home could be considered a required process. Unfortunately there is not a standard card or format for this.

Here are a few tips:


1. Get emotional

Take advantage of this opportunity to go beyond normal facts and figures about the transaction and actually get emotional about the reason why. Pick one or two features and talk about how they fit into your vision of the perfect home. For example, “We can see our Children playing in the large yard. Your large rec room will allow our family to spend quality time with each other, and would fit all of my children’s friends when they come over.” Or, “While we were showing your lovely home the kids could not stop talking about the Park near the house. My family fell in love with the house as much as I did!”

2. Connect with the seller

Find one or two similarities between your family and the seller’s, based on what you can discern from the home. Show you have something in common, but be careful not to dig too deep (nobody wants to sell to a stalker). For example: “We’re so excited that your home not only has a beautiful, fenced yard, but also a dog door. Our lives revolve around our two rescue pups, Sonny and Cher, who would literally leap for joy in a yard of their own.”

3. Don’t be afraid to flatter

Tell the seller why you adore specific features that have been upgraded: “We love those colorful tiles you used on the kitchen back splash. They remind us so much of our honeymoon in Portugal.”

4. Don’t whine

This is not the place to play the sympathy card. No sob stories about why you sold your last place, or how many deals have fallen through. You want the seller to feel good reading your letter.

5. Grammar matters
Check spelling and grammar. Have a grammar-nerd friend triple check it for you. You want the seller to know you put time and care into your honest appeal

good grammar matters



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5 Writing Tips When Writing An Offer Letter

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